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About Us: Who We Are

At Decisions for Life, we provide quality guardianship, fiduciary and educational services to support the rights of the clients we serve. We understand that each client's situation is unique, and we strive to inform and empower each individual by working with them and for them to ensure a healthy and safe quality of life. Located in central Iowa, we serve individuals across the state and are accepting new clients.

Sherri McLerran, NCG

Sherri McLerran is a Nationally Certified Guardian (NCG) and the sole proprietor of Decisions for Life, LLC. With more than 25 years of experience in probate law and an extensive background as both a legal assistant and program coordinator for Iowa's Office of Substitute Decision Maker, (now known as the Office of Public Guardian) Sherri is uniquely qualified to understand substitute decision making from multiple perspectives. A current member of the National Guardianship Association and vice president of the Guardianship Association of Iowa Network (GAIN), Sherri is a dedicated professional who is proud to abide by the ethical principles and standards of best practice when it comes to substitute decision making.


Deanna Blecker, Personal Shopper

Deanna Clingan-Fischer, JD, Fiduciary Assistant and Office Manager

Sherri McLerran, NCG, Owner and Fiduciary

Jone Staley, Social Worker, Fiduciary Assistant

Patricia Swenson, LPN, Administrative Assistant

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